Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dots and Stripes quilt and new sewing machine

Meet my new "playmate", JUKI F600 ! I have been thinking about a getting a new machine which can do more than just straight stitch like my 'beloved' JUKI TK98.

I collected her last Friday night just before the store closed. I used her over the weekend and am very happy with her features, quality and easy to operate not to mention the price.
The main purpose for buying her is to do more machine applique.  There are so many quilts I want to make that have bigger applique pieces which can be done by machine a lot quicker especially using wool.

I finished a top for a single bed last week. It will be going to Lucinda (my daughter).
I have a lot of strips and dot fabrics and as I like bright fabrics what better way to use them up; well there are still lots of fabric left...

 Close-up of some of the blocks...

 And a bit of fabric shopping at my favourite fabric shop Darn Cheap Fabrics...
I have 2 projects in mind for these; one I already started..

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Modern Quilt Finished

I have been thinking about my quilting activity this year and it feels that I am not achieving very much.
I am still inspired with all the projects I see, I still love my fabrics and tools but somehow I don't seem to be completing very many of the UFO's...
I have a little more time to sew but don't always make the best of that time; I spend time on the internet, look at books and magazines, listen to podcasts or watch quilting shows or do other activities not related to quilting or gardening.
Perhaps I am not giving myself credit for what I complete as some of my projects are rather large or I waste too much time trying new blocks such as the one below.
I realise that using with my scraps can be time consuming as some involves a lot of cutting and sorting and cleaning up afterwards.
So this weekend I finished quilting this top I had done quite sometime ago... I have 'promised myself' that I must do the binding this coming week...
It's quite a large quilt and the quilting is rather simple... I went as the mood took me...

A quiet spot in the garden....



Monday, May 11, 2015

Playing with my scraps

I have a few large projects on the go, including a top loaded on the HandiQuilter, but I could not resist having a play with an handful of scraps.

And I came up with this little quilt to hang up at my work station.

Wanted to play some more, I saw this block in a magazine which uses scraps by colour.

From my box of 2 1/2" squares I made these two blocks.

 I got the AccuQuilt die for the Double Wedding Ring block.

On a sadder note, this poor chap (Sulphur-crested cockatoo) has been coming around for food each day and I don't know what to do. Yesterday he let me pat him and I am wondering now if he was a pet that escaped and is not being accepted by the others in the flock and of course having the beak the way it is, it makes it difficult to eat.
I wonder if I should try to catch him to take him to the vet or let nature take his course...

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kim Diehl quilt top completed

I am back from my fantastic trip to the USA and Smooth Jazz cruise in the Caribbean Sea and my inspiration and desire to get back to my projects is as strong as ever.
There isn't enough time to do all the projects I have started let alone the ones I want to start.
So without further delay, I finished this top over the weekend.
The pattern is from Kim Diehl's book "Simple Appeal" and the pattern is called "Farm-Girl Finery".  I love all the projects in the book and I am already dreaming of making some of the other quilts featured.
Some of the fabrics are Kim Diehl's. and some of the circles are wool.
 Here is a close-up of the centre ...
I started the applique using a blanket stitch and needle turn for the stems but realised that it was going to take too long to finish, so I completed the applique by machine.
 I am quite pleased the way it turned out.
 I also finished the binding for  this quilt, which is going to be a birthday gift for a friend later in the year.
We have been getting some visitors lately and Lucinda could not pass an opportunity like this...
Others stay up high watching what's going on...

This handsome one was looking down at me from the roof.... hi there !

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Music Quilt, bags and coasters

I have been doing a few projects, so it was time to blog about it...
Most of them will be gifts.

Here they are:

This one is for a friend in the USA, who I am going to see in a couple of weeks time...
We are doing a Smooth Jazz in the Caribbean...

The fabrics are music themed...
 I had been saving these prints for a special quilt..
 This table topper is for my mom. The fabrics came from Portugal and are very traditional.
 The words on the fabric a meant to be love notes from long ago... really cute.
 Have been making a few pouches like this one with Aboriginal fabrics... another stash that I have been saving for ages.
 I felt like playing with scraps....
 And tried a new pattern with a recently purchased fabric...
 More little blogs to play with my new fabrics..

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year !

And best wishes for the world with less conflict and better health...

Since my last posting I have been keeping up with Bonnie Hunter's yearly mystery "Grand Illusion".
The reveal came and I joined four of the blocks to see what the effect would be.
I can't say that I am thrilled with it as it seems too busy for the stars to stand out.
I am going to leave it for a little while but eventually I will be put it together in some other way.

Just before Christmas I made this little table topper ...

Gardening is still going on albeit not as much as it is quite warm to be outside.
My hydrangeas have once again put on a show and my daughter was among them..

I haven't made any significant new year's resolutions but I do have my 'to do' list which is nothing new for me. I have some specific tasks I want to achieve in quilting and also develop more my music knowledge. I want this year to focus on a classical composer but continue to enjoy my other genre of music "Smooth Jazz".

This leads me to a very sad news which occurred on the 1st January, the death of Jeff Golub, a longtime jazz, blues and rock guitarist which I admire.
Here is a taste of one of his recordings;

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Grand Illusion Mystery - Part 1 & Caswell block

I have completed all the blocks for part 1 of Grand Illusion Mystery.

At the last minute I changed one of the colours I had set aside before; instead of blue I chose brown and instead of bright red fabrics I picked more burgundy reds.

But whatever colour I select, the full effect of my choices will only show it's full impact once the quilt is put together.
All the fabrics came from my stash and some pieces even came from my scrap box.
I have the Easy Angle ruler but I prefer the papers to make the Half Square Triangles .
I find paper piecing fast and accurate and I get free papers downloaded from the this website.

 I am linking up here.

I still had time to finish another Caswell block... long way to go to make 30 blocks and the border.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Dot Modern Quilt

The pattern for this quilt came from the book by Nancy Mahoney, "Simple Circles and Quick Curves".
It was pieced sometime ago and I quilt it this week on the Handi Quilter.
I quite like the big variety of modern looking fabrics I have been collecting for a while.

I am ready to embark on Bonnie's mystery tonight; fabrics chosen, sewing machine serviced a couple of days ago, sewing studio tidy and weekend meals organised.  Husband and daughter will not been having too much of my attention.

No gardening this weekend; just me in my studio, my fabrics, sewing machine and music !
And occasionally looking out of the window to this view...

Friday, November 21, 2014

I have had a very productive quilty week !
While tidying up my studio I found this floral print and along with a couple of other matching fabrics I made this top.
I was planning to make a friend at work a quilt for her 60th birthday next year so this quilt will be going to her.
I think the colours will suit her home d├ęcor and she is always very interested to see the quilts I make.
She doesn't read my blog or Facebook, so I am sure it will surprise her.
I also made this little quilt with my huge collection of solid yardage and scraps.
I saw this design on the web and in no time at all I put it all together.
I plan to make another lap size quilt with the same design but bigger blocks and a lot more variety in the  fabrics.

I made a few more 9 patches for a new quilt I have started... that's all I am revealing for now......
 And lastly more gardening has been done and the flowers are putting on a show ....

More gardening over the weekend and if time permits a little stitching... and next week  Bonnie Hunter's mystery starts !