Saturday, February 6, 2016

Quilted Kit and Aurifil BOM

My laptop has had some issues until today which prevented me from doing a blog post.
So here is my completed lap quilt which was purchased from Connecting Threads.
I really like the colours.

This quilt top has been completed quite sometime ago but sat on the pile of tops to be quilted.
So here it is ! Quilted and bound and it's going to a dear friend in Canada !

Some close ups of the quilting.

I was also inspired to make the first block published by Aurifil Designer of the Month for 2016.  You can check the pattern  'here'.
I have so much fabric that making these blocks will not deplete my stash.
The weather has been nice but a bit more rain would help the grass.... the succulents are doing very well.
As for the roses they never fail to disappoint !

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Call of the Elephants

I was inspired to make this small wall hanging from my collection of African prints.

The majority of these fabrics came from several African countries.
The South African prints were purchased when I travelled there a few times. I really like the one with the image of Nelson Mandela.

What I love about these fabrics are the vibrant colours, the designs and the symbols they represent.

For this quilt I selected a few of these fabrics and made a background in a crazy patchwork and then machine applique the elephants.
This quilt is a gift for someone who loves Africa and animals; hope he doesn't see the blog before he receives the quilt.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Summer Quilt

These blocks have been on the go for a while.
With the exception of the blue fabric, the squares are from my scrap 2" bin and other scraps.
The design was inspired by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville. 
 I made this quilt for my daughter to celebrate her going into year 10.
As it was a nice day today and for a change I lay it on floor in front of my studio; notice Penny was watching every move I made.
 Some of the fabrics I have had for many years and I don't even like them but placed with other newer fabrics it all looks good.
 I did not have a large piece for the back of the quilt, so I pieced several blocks to make the backing.
Penny had to test it but jumping on it !

 And 'her' comment was "I like it "
And I had to agree with such a sweet face....


Friday, January 1, 2016

The New Year Begins .... 2016 !

I haven't made any significant resolutions nor do I have major events planned such as a major holiday to the USA as I did last year.
But I am sure there will be plenty of goings on...

We ended the year with a new addition to the family;
Meet Penny; our 11 week old kitten.  She came from the shelter and from the moment we saw her we knew she was the one.  Very alert, playful and so cute. 

She has made herself at home trying to play with our boy (cat) and girl (dog). I think they will eventually get along and will get used to such an active little creature. She is fully toilet trained, eats well and follows my daughter wherever she goes.  And of course made herself a little nest in one of my fabric scraps basket.

The past six months I haven't done much sewing.  I have spent my time doing a fair bit of gardening, including trying my hand at growing flowers from seeds and doing quite a lot of  home decorations and renovations as well as reducing the excess things in my home. It's quite liberating.

On the quilting front I completed the 2015 Summer Block of the Month, hosted by Craftsy and taught by Kimberly Einmo.  It didn't seem to take much effort as we only had to complete 4 similar blocks per month.
So here it is, the photo was taken a few minutes ago.
The fabrics came from my stash of batiks and it was real fun working with these....
I will not be quilting it just yet as I have a quilt I need to finish off for a 60th birthday coming up in a few months time.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Gifts, block of the month and playing ...

I try to be organised so I don't have to deal with deadlines with stress, so I have finished some more Xmas gifts.

Xmas stocking...
 Machine appliqued.

Table topper...

I have been going over my orphan blocks and I have more than I thought !

They are from test blocks, scrap playing and left overs from finished quits...
Have been re-arranging them adding and eliminating...
Will take a little while to make it into a top.
 Maybe this could be an option....
 Craftsy Summer block of the month; September blocks.
  I have many azaleas, so here is one that I have had for a couple of years...
Gardening continues over the weekend as the weather permits; at the moment I have been doing a lot of weeding with some new plants.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

End of Winter projects.....

I made these blocks a while ago from a blog offering them as a Block of the Month.
It would have been a shame to have them in a box as a UFO, so I put them together and finished the quilting this week.

 The quilting if far from perfect but it's done !

I have made another 4 blocks from the free Craftsy Summer Quilt class.
I don't have a proper design wall so I pinned all the blocks made so far to an existing quilt.
It has been a very cold Winter this year where I live.
But there are definitely signs of Spring in my garden...

 Noddy is telling me that I need to pull some weeds soon.

Even Noddy has been inspired to venture in the garden for a short time...

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Block of the Month quilt and some more mini-blocks

I love Craftsy !
I have purchased quite a few classes not just quilting but also cooking, bag making and many others, so when I saw the new   FREE Summer Block of the Month I immediately signed up.

The quilt runs for 6 months and the blocks are made up of 17 star blocks with the quilt ending up 70" X 70".  The quilt is called Night Stars and the instructor is Kimberly Einmo.
I have some of her books and 2 of her paid classes from Craftsy .

The first instalment for July are 4 stars and these are mine.
All the fabrics came from my stash of batiks and I should have enough for the entire quilt.

 Of course I had to get my 'scrap fix' this week, so made a few more mini logcabin blocks for the ongoing quilt. They are so cute and I can't stop making them.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Bow-Dacious quilt top and other projects

The pattern for this top is called Bow-Dacious and it comes from the book "Adventures with Leaders & Enders" by Bonnie K. Hunter. My blocks are larger and all the fabrics came from my stash. 

I often think that I don't finish as many projects as I once did but then realise that projects such as these take a long time to cut with so many fabrics involved.
Each block has 10 different fabrics of the same colour family and then the background is the same throughout.

The bright green fabric I bought in Hawaai and the mustard border I have had it for many years.
The top is almost big enough for a single bed and I still have some fabrics left for the sashing so I may still end up adding another row.

On the subject of scraps, I have started the 'leaders and enders' project this year.
This is another of the regular yearly events that Quiltville puts on every year.
I have cut all the patches and pretty much have all the rows sewn up.
I used the Accuquilt machine  to speed up the process.
I am not too happy about the size (5") so I may end up finishing it up a lot sooner. 

I have been playing with my new sewing machine, trying out the blanket stitch and decorative stitches. I have used wool for the flowers and the bird but I want to add more hand embroidery and beads as it's looking rather plain.