Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lone Star Quilt and new books

I was given a jelly roll with gorgeous bright fabrics which I have put to good use in this quilt.
I have never tried the Lone Star block before so I remembered that I had enrolled on a Craftsy class by Kimberly Einmo where she teaches this block and decided to give it a go.
This was my first block...
Made another...
And used up the leftovers for borders and still have some scraps left..

These are my recent book purchases, lots of new things to learn and inspire.

I have attended two quilt shows recently; unfortunately I was told that pictures of any of the quilts would not be allowed to be posted on the blog.  I was quite surprised by such an edict as in the past I have never had an issue with adding a few photographs.  I am not sure what the reasoning is behind such a ruling. These are local shows and the standard of the quilts, in my opinion, is quite average with nothing new that I haven't seen before.
I wonder if the actual quiltmakers are aware of such a ruling or is it a guild decision....
I can't help but think sometimes that, the Australian groups, have such a long way to go in certain aspects of our quilting community.

Here is a beautiful perfumed rose from my garden...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I have been published..Down Under Quilts

The quilt I made for my friend Jorge last year  is published in this month's Down Under Quilts magazine! 

The photographs were taken on location (Portugal) by another mutual friend and passed to
the magazine editor.

When I made the quilt I had not been approached by the magazine so it was a nice surprise.

This is the cover of the magazine.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Small projects

Lately I have been doing little projects but didn't get a chance to do a blog post to show you what I have been up to.

I made two bedside table runners to replace the crochet ones I had been using for quite sometime.  I still had these blue fabrics from a previous project and would have been such a shame not to use them up.

They turned out so well and I still had quite a few blocks left so I decided to make a table runner for the dresser to match.  I didn't have enough fabric for the border but it still matches the smaller quilts.

 I love playing with my scraps so I made this cosy for my pencil case cup.

Another view with a cute button.

 More scrap playing and ended up with this cushion ...

 And 4 more mini log cabin blocks to add to the ones I already have.
Autumn is slowly making it's presence and I love it... my favourite season...
My garden is still blooming.


And I continue to enjoy my cosy studio, even in the evenings...

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lynne's Caswell Quilt

My friend Lynne and I decided to make this quilt together. The plan was to make one block a month but she has been so inspired with the blocks and the fabrics she has now completed quite a few blocks in such a short time.
This is my second block...

But all of these below are hers. Go Lynne !!!
Absolutely beautiful !

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Civil War Quilt Finish and Caswell Quilt started

This quilt was a block of the week pattern by Barbara Brackman started in 2011.
To make it more interesting I made two blocks of the same and swapped with a friend so we would have more variety in the quilt with different fabrics.

The blocks have been sitting in a box waiting for a suitable fabric and inspiration.
Finally a couple of weeks ago I purchased a stack of civil war fabrics and finished up the top.

It's not going to be quilted just yet as I have a few more blocks for another project ready to be assembled and I want to do several other fun projects.

But I am just glad the top is finished !

And this is one of the new projects I have started ! The Caswell Quilt ..

The Caswell Quilt  was inspired by the famous Caswell Carpet which resides in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It's made up of thirty appliqu├ęd blocks of flowers & leaves, birds & butterflies on two different background fabrics.

 The pattern came from  Threadbear shop and I'll be working on it gradually along with my other projects. No doubt it will take a few years to complete like previous applique projects I have done along the years.

My friend Lynne is also doing the same quilt.  She does beautiful applique and this is her block.  We are trying to inspire each other to work on this quilt but she doesn't need much motivation at this stage with 7 blocks already made.

Next blog post I should be able to show you a quilt I had started late last year and the top is almost done ..

Can you guess which one ?


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine Day is coming....

And I made this table topper to celebrate the occasion  !
I have had a charm pack for years and this was the perfect project to use it for.

I have been sorting some of my bright fabrics and tried out this block.  It's foundation pieced.
Like so many quilters I have so many fabrics that if I had more spare time I would love to make so many more projects and try out so many other techniques because I just love all types of quilts and all types of fabrics.

And lastly, my collegue Richard turned 60 on Friday, so I gifted him this quilt.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My friends's quilts


Since I last blogged I have been very busy with work and the weather has been very warm which makes me very tired.
My friend Lynne needed her top quilted as it was going to be a gift to post overseas so with  limited time I decided to free-motion quilting using a variegated thread to match the pink.
I really like the simple block with the pink borders and the fabrics are so gorgeous too.


My other friend Jennifer S. came over for a quick visit to show me what she had been doing.  I so love her style ; she is a true quilter who uses most of her stash in her quilts and cames up with such lovely quilts which end up being mostly gifts.

A few years ago, she and I used to hand dye our fabrics and at every opportunity she uses those fabrics; I still have mine in a huge box !
Another such example of her creativity was this quilt. 
A few weeks ago I went through my fabrics and general sewing supplies and offered them to her.
Well, she gathered up the William Morris fabrics she found in that stash and made this lovely top which turned out great.
It just goes to show that one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Here is another of her recent creations; she knows that I am not a huge fan of 'Sunbonnet Sue" quilts but I quite like what she did with this version .

I don't have any of my own projects to show today but I have been doing some applique which always take quite a while when time is limited.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Quilted top

My friend Teresa gave me this quilt top she made when I last visited her in Portugal, last August.
She did such a great job I wanted to get it quilted and bound so I could display it around my home. So I finally quilted it and looks beautiful !
Thank you Teresa.

I have done a few more blocks for the "Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014" and I used the Disappearing Pinwheel block this week.

With the same technique but swapping the placements another blocks emerges.

I went shopping this week at Darn Cheap Fabrics and came away with these !!!

Close up of the neutrals...

The blues...
Civil War reproductions, some by Jo Morton...
Some will be used as sashings for a couples of quilt blocks I have had for a while...

I have a couple of other projects in hand but not ready to show, so until next time, happy quilting and leave me a comment or let me know what's inspiring you...