Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mariner's Compass Wall Hanging and Grand Illusion Mystery

Finally finished my Mariner's compass top.

This is a Quiltsmart product and the pack included the instructions and marked interfacing.
Most of the fabrics are batiks.

I am planning to do Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion Mystery.
The first clue is starting on the 28th November and I can't wait. This will be my 3rd mystery from Bonnie in addition to a couple of other quilts. I just love how I can use up my stash with her patterns and at the moment I am doing another quilt from one of her books which I hope to have the top completed before the mystery begins.
I am not entirely following her chosen colours; instead went through my stash to see how much fabric I had and also which combinations I had not made a quilt on.


I have been collecting grey fabrics for a little while so I have decided to use these instead of white/cream. At this stage I am not certain if I should use several grey fabrics as per the above or use only one very light grey fabric that I have a large quantity of.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Caswell Block and a belated birthday gift

Although I started off with great enthusiasm with the Caswell quilt, I now only work on it on my lunch breaks, so I don't expect to have it finished in the near future.
Here is my latest block.
I have a couple of other fairly large projects on the go at the moment which I hope to share on the blog shortly.
My friend Lynne, who is almost finished with her Caswell blocks made time to gift me this very adorable pocket wall hanging. 
 Her stitching is so perfectly done and she used wool.
 Going around the garden early in the morning I loved this flower pot outside my studio.
And this is Noddy looking out in the garden enjoying the early morning sun today.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Fun Quilt and more signs of Spring

Several years ago I purchased a panel with several quilting related sayings which I turned into a fun wall quilt. 
 I made Ohio stars and used each of the little panels as the centre.
 Each of the blocks are very appropriate for us quilters.

 I had a yard of this fun novelty fabric which was just just enough to put on the back.
 Also very amusing.

 I have had this flowering Cherry tree for several years, tucked away in the back of the shed so when it began to flower this year I could not believe it was my tree and how beautiful it is... I don't even remember planting it....

Monday, September 15, 2014

Blocks ! More blocks, Mini quilt and Fabric.

Another Caswell block completed.

 I am still enjoying playing with my scraps...

 Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville has been making these blocks on Quilt-Cam, so I have tried to play along.
They are quick and fun to do and I cut the squares at the same time I do other ongoing projects. 
 I get a chance to combine different fabrics and use up small pieces of fabrics.

I treated myself to scrap box from Craftsy. There are 2 fat quarters of the same print.
Don't know yet what project I'll be using them..
 View of my studio garden... I had an old tree taken down along the fence, so this area needs a bit of revamping.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mini Quilt and a Travel Document Wallet

I have a lot of yardage but I have been playing with my scraps again this week.
It's such fun trying out new colour combinations and this is what I came up with.
I found this  tutorial to make a travel document wallet and made one for myself. The tutorial has pdf pattern sheets to download but for the instructions you need to refer to the Youtube video from "Frocks & Frolics" showing it each step on how to make it. It is very well done and simple to follow.
 This is the inside of the wallet.
 I used one of my many cute buttons.
I don't know how much more sewing I will be doing in the coming months as I have many plans to redo by garden. I have been clearing a large section but there is still a fair bit of preparation before new plants can be placed on the ground but I am excited.

But it's all worth the effort when I am rewarded with colour...

Friday, August 15, 2014

Disappearing Hourglass, Caswell Block and my garden

For sometime now I have been wanting to make the Disappearing Hourglass block.
I made this table runner for my friend Stan who has a birthday this week; I hope he likes it.

Finally finished another Caswell block and I have started another one.

In the past couple of days I sense a hint of  Spring. It is still very cold but when the sun is shinning and some of the plants in my garden like  the sweet pittosporum, daphnes, gardenias and even the daffodils are giving a beautiful fragrance  I can't help but feel a little exhilarated.
But these are my pride and joy camellias... 

Yesterday I took a photo of this gum tree in my backyard before sunset; I like the colour of the foliage as the last rays of the day's sun project on the tree.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Scrap Star Quilt and more...

I don't post as often as I once did because the projects I am working take a lot longer.
The Caswell blocks are hand-applique and they take a while to complete and also I can't stop playing with my scraps.
I am left now with a large box of small scraps but these are being put to good use.

I made another 38 mini-log cabin blocks to add to the quilt in progress. 

 I have quilted my Spring quilt which I pieced recently and loved the way it turned out.
 And this is another reason why the recent projects are taking quite a while to finish.
A lot of seams to join in all the blocks.  Each block comes from 'made up fabric' so it stands to reason that it takes a fair bit of time to complete each block.
And the other thing I noticed is that these quilts are bigger than what I intended them to be...

 But it's heaps of fun playing with all the scraps... wait until I play with the stash !
Actually I am waiting for this years mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter when I really get stuck into my stash and end up with lots of scraps too...

Are you going to participate in Bonnie's mystery later in the year ?


I am working with 2 projects at the moment, so I'll post again when I have at least some significant progress to share.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Finished Scrap Quilt

Finally finished the top that I have been working on for a few weeks !
But before I show you the entire quilt here is the fabric I used for the border...
When I set eyes on this fabric I just loved the quirkiness of the design and had to have it.

The fun part of doing these quilts is the excitement of playing with lots and lots of fabrics.
Going over my stash and selecting fabrics that read as 'white' to contrast enough and still have as much variety as possible.
And this is the other block.
I love scrap quilts more and more and this time I gave these blocks some 'controlled scrappiness'. 
And here is the entire quilt.
The original pattern is called "Roll Roll Cotton Boll" designed by Bonnie Hunter.  The original pattern had  different border but after trying various options I settled for a one fabric border.
This is my third quilt using Bonnie's patterns and I have another one started which is not a main project but to be done when I feel like playing with my scraps.
One of things I learnt from Bonnie's style is to look as all fabrics as useful and not in isolation even when they are dated.
And here is the final quilt !

My aim now is to quilt it in time to have it in my bed by Spring !

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mini Log Cabin - playing with scraps

I have been making these 4 1/2 inch blocks for a while to use up some of my tiny scraps.
I used thin interfacing as foundation.
There were over 100 blocks stacked up so it was a good time to join them up.
I wasn't sure what configuration to place them as they had been randomly sewn, so this is what I came up with. I hope you can see a star in the centre...

This is a close up of some of the blocks....
I used fabrics from all collections, some I no longer like, from leftover projects and some are years old but when it's all in the mix they look just fine.
I think I will continue to add more blocks as I enjoy making these cuties....

I also completed all the blocks for my current scrap quilt  (Queen size) but haven't decided what the border is going to look like. It has been a fair bit of work with so many scraps in each block but it has been worth it !

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Catching up after a long absence - quilt, books and fabrics

It's been several weeks since I last posted on this blog but it does not mean I haven't been quilting.  In fact I have been working with a lot of fabric !
For those quilters who are familiar with Bonnie Hunter  it's well known that her patterns take a large amount of scraps and some of the blocks have many pieces which take a fair bit of time to make in spite of using quick piecing techniques.  And that's precisely what I have been doing.
The blocks are all done but not pieced together; so until that is done I will not post any pictures but here are a few clues; the colours I chose are very different from Bonnie's quilt, the pattern comes from one of her books and there are a lot of strings in the blocks....

To give myself a break from this quilt and also because I wanted to learn how to do a "faced binding" on a quilt I made this small quilt using an old charm pack and some other matching prints.

Then I loaded it on the long-arm and quilted it.  I'll be sending it to my mom.

Let me also tell you what else I have been doing;
Yesterday I went to see the Waverley Patchworkers Quilt Show.  They had a lot of varied and beautiful quilts. It was very inspiring to see all the quilts including the member's challenge display (see below, some of these). These girls are very creative and many have exhibited and won many prizes in the USA.

One of my small quilts has been featured in the latest Down Under Quits magazine.


I have taken advantage of a couple of book and fabric sales recently;

For sometime now I have been wanting to build up a collection of batiks so I started with this collection by Benartex  (Fossil Ferns) and a few others to supplement.
The box includes 90 fat quarters and I also got some other batiks.
I have a few projects in mind to use them but until then I am happy to feast my eyes on these beauties.


The books I got have some interesting projects as well as techniques to learn so I am looking forward to start one of the projects from the book 'Angles with Easy' and the ruler.

I am expecting to be very busy at work in the next two weeks so let's see how much I am going to achieve to be able to blog.